Ed Lovrien

Ed Lovrien

May 2006: Ed has been flying for a living for 12 years, and spent a year living with the guy who designed the airframe of the space shuttle, who also is the guy who designed the Limo EZ changes from the Long. Flying in his is what made Ed choose the Limo to build.

"The plane is a modified Long EZ. It is longer, wider and deeper than a standard EZ. It will have around 200 HP and should go about 220 to 240 MPH. Should be a fun ride. So far, I have the airframe about done. That means that all the main pieces are built and glassed. As far as percent done, it is roughly 20 to 25%. We refer to it as the Limo EZ. The prototype is flying and is very fast. It is a great little plane."

Update, January 2012: "I started working on the EZ about a month ago. Spent most of it studying to figure out where I left off. I have the elevators glassed now and the hardware installed. Working on attaching them to the canard soon. Its nice to be working again on it."

This is what the plane will look like.

The fuslage, upside down, getting ready to flip it and put on the nose.

The wing in its holder waiting to be put on the main spar.

The canard in the rack, waiting to be mounted to the fuslage.

Chapter Meeting, July 20, 2015.

The chapter visits members' projects from time to time.

Chapter members inspect Ed's progress.