Ray Aten
Ray completed the first of the three Zenith CH 601 projects currently under construction by chapter members. Ray says, "First flight 1/2/2012 about noon. Duration about 0.5 hours tach time. Takeoff, cruise, and landing entirely as expected: unremarkable and just the way I wanted it to be. I'm glad I took the training in Carson City. It made the flight a 'piece-of-cake'...." .
Zenith Aircraft Company website

October 2009--The airframe takes shape.


September 2010--Wings and tail reattached, after the Zenith design changes applied to the wing structure, electrical reconnected. Since last year, Ray has moved the project from Stevensville to a new hanger in Missoula.


September 2010: Ray and project.


closeup showing a bit of the firewall-forward installation with the Jabiru 3300 in mid-plumbing.

Last updated 7 January, 2012