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In October, 2009, Larye packed up the Waiex project and moved it to western Washingon, where it has been waiting restart in a basement garage almost smaller than the tiny shop in Hamilton. The wings were completed before the move. The entire project and shop fit into a 16-foot cargo trailer for the move, as seen here, and put back together as seen here.

Update: January 2013. The project remains on hold. The workshop has been pressed into use for home repairs and other building projects. After sharing the house with children and grandchildren for a year during the height of the recession, subsequent focus on remodels and repairs, and a delayed retirement, Larye is hoping to reduce work hours enough to devote more time to aviation interests and resume building. Larye completed the Jabiru engine maintenance course in 2010, but the Jab 3300 remains pickled in its crate.

The Chapter meeting for August, 2008 was held at "Waiex Aircraft Assembly Plant #44" in Hamilton. Below are some photos Jack Weigman took through the evening as members inspected Larye's progress and were introduced to "the Sonex way" of building.

No "gathering of eagles" is complete without a bit of hanger--er, patio flying.
Waiex is pronounced, "Y-X." Any questions?
Expounding the virtues of adjustable reamers. Terry and Steve seem a bit skeptical.
Four and twenty clecoes, all in a row...
As Steve and Gary look on, Terry checks out the main spar construction--layers of metal, dimpled and countersunk, with the spar cap "T's" sandwiched between.
And more clecoes on the underside...
Die grinder with tiny Scotchbrite wheels for deburring parts too large or too curved to do with the 6-inch wheel, and faster than the hand tools. Those Sonex builders are just plain lazy.
Air drier, regulator, and automatic oiler. Careful adjustment is required to get just the right amount of oil.
Aileron counterweight in clecoes, with assembly drawing.
Behind every homebuilt project is a supportive spouse--in this case, literally. Judy's quilting studio,Realizations Fabric Arts, occupies the second bay and rear shop space in the once-two-car garage.
The "World's Smallest Aircraft Factory," about one-third of the garage, shared with the usual overflow of 65 years of packratting plus the computer server farm for the home businesses. The chunk of wing leading edge on the table is the orginal Sonex builder's workshop project. Last year, the design was changed to a single-rib version, as it was difficult to complete the two-rib version in the two-day workshop and take in all the 'Tips and Tricks' sessions led by John Monnett.