Frank Bretz RV-9A

June 2006: Frank's wings are almost complete!

June 2006: Fuselage well underway.

May 2008: The fuselage is nearly complete, ready to hang the engine.


Frank traveled to Redding, California in March 2008 to build his engine. The Superior IO-360 is in the crate, waiting for installation.


Frank and Ed Lovrien discuss the wing-building process at the May Chapter meeting, held in Frank's shop.


Carolyn encouraged Frank to start the project, and helps with riveting.


Gary and Laurens listen as Frank explains canopy construction. "Use a plexiglas drill bit," says Frank.


Frank designed and built this adjustable fuselage stand to get the gear installed, and found it handy to keep the ship stable and level to work on the interior. The jackscrews raise and lower the fuselage.


The panel is still "in development." Frank is undecided between a glass cockpit and steam gauges, but is leaning toward a glass EIS, and has prospects for used avionics.