Bryan Douglass' RV-10

First Flight: 28 February 2012. Congratulations, Bryan!


Ready for Phase I testing. First flight was 28 February 2012


The familiar RV empennage, supersized on the 4-passenger RV-10. Bryan kick-started his project by buying an already-built tail kit. This is the first kit new RV builders tackle, and there are many more of them than there are RVs.


The RV-10 tail cone hints at the size of this plane. The cockpit is 48" wide.


The canopy on the RV-10 is fiberglass, with gull-wing doors.


The spar carry-through, Bryan's current project on the workbench.


The RV-10 wings are huge. This big homebuilt has a 32-foot wingspan. Bryan bought the wings partially complete, a bonus of the economic downturn.


A view at the root end of the RV-10 wings.


Bryan talks about his RV-10 project with Chapter 517 members.


Progress from September 2009 to April 2010: Fairly current picture of my project. Wings done except for plumbing/wiring, tail done, fuselage done except for canopy/windows/windscreen, finish kit arrived which includes doors, landing gear, engine mount, wheels/brakes, and seats. Planning engine/prop and firewall forward kit order now.


September 2010--working on fuselage.


January 2012--My RV-10 is in final assembly at the airport, wings on, wiring mostly done, all avionics on hand (most installed), paint is done. I'm hoping to fly it in January or early February.